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After entries close, entries will be reviewed by a separate judging panel in each of the award categories, who will select finalists of five entrants per category. The finalists will be announced in August 2022.

After this, a second round of judging will take place, independently audited by KPMG.

The winners will be revealed at the gala awards dinner in Beijing in September 2022.

The judging panels are composed of prominent members of British and Chinese industry and government. There are five judges per award category.

A fair and impartial judicial process is at the heart of the 2022 British Business Awards. The judicial process is audited by a third party to ensure clarity, transparency and integrity.

The judging process itself is broken down into two stages;

First Stage:

The Panel will individually shortlist and rank the applications. Overall scores will be given to each application. Each judge’s scores will be ranked, each judges ranking will be tallied, and five highest-scoring will be selected as finalists.

Second Stage:

The same Panel will then come together as a group and discuss the merits of each of the finalists, coming to a clear decision on the winner and runners-up.

Winners of the Awards will be revealed during the Gala dinner on 15th September, 2022.

Auditor of the Voting Process

We are delighted to announce that KPMG have agreed to scrutinise the judging process, ensuring that the process is transparent, fair and legitimate.

2022 Judges

To be announced

Application Process

  • ALL applications must be uploaded to the 2022 British Business Awards website in order to be judged.
  • Applications must be uploaded before 1 July, 2022
  • Applications may not run over the word limits set for each section.
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