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The Entrepreneur of the Year Award seeks to celebrate the risks that entrepreneurs take to ensure that businesses can grow and thrive, and the fantastic contribution these risk-takers make to China-UK business relations. This Award is open to British nationals in any industry sector, and is also open to Chinese nationals who have studied in the UK.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • An individual who has shown extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit. How has this person shown perseverance and independent thought to overcome adversity and obstacles?
  • The past and current financial performance of the business and also their strategies for short and long-term sustainability and growth.
  • The impact the individual has had on China-UK business relations. Has the individual created jobs and had a positive impact in their own community?
  • Embracing and leveraging innovative technologies and approaches. How has the individual embraced change and integrated innovative measures into the business?
  • Turning visions into reality. How has the individual utilised different strategy to help grow the business?

Judging Process

  • A panel of 5 judges will individually score each application.
  • Judges will give an overall score for the whole application.
  • The score will be tallied and a shortlist of three finalists will be drawn up.
  • The same judges will then come together as a group and discuss the merits of each of the finalists, coming to a clear decision on the winner.
  • In the case of a split decision, judges will be asked to rank the finalists and the winner will be calculated.
  • The winners of each award will be revealed on the night.

Application Process

  • ALL applications must be uploaded to the 2022 British Business Awards website in order to be judged.
  • Applications must be uploaded before 1 July, 2022
  • Applications may not run over the word limits set for each section.
  • Preview Application Form
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