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Winner of the 2010 Creativity Award


As one of China’s largest independent music promoters and the owner of China’s only specialised music marketing agency Splatter, Split Works‘ objective, according to Managing Director Archie Hamilton, is “to build a platform under the alternative music scene in China,” thus giving it something to stand on. Despite the various restrictions, pricing and media challenges the music industry faces, the company has been successful in helping hundreds of local Chinese musicians develop their talent in front of live audiences. In addition, they organise the well-known JUE Festival | Music + Art, which in 2010 brought international artists to more than 70 venues in Beijing and Shanghai, and Shanghai’s popular YUE Festival. From orchestrating concerts to heading up branded marketing programmes like Converse LOVE NOISE, the Bacardi Sino Sessions and the Smirnoff Experience, Split Works offers its employees plenty of creative, challenging projects.

“After years as a struggling entrepreneurial company in China, we were over the moon to have our achievements recognised by the British Business Awards.  Winning the British Business Creativity Award was an amazing achievement for Split Works in many ways. 

The award was significant to us mostly for the motivational benefits to staff.  Entrepreneurialism can be a fairly thankless and soul destroying task but recognition supports our endeavours.  It is also something we can proudly display on our website and I am sure some potential clients see award as recognition of quality.”

Archie Hamilton, Managing Director

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