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Winner of the 2010 Financial & Professional Services Award

Sun Alliance Insurance (China) Limited

The Royal & Sun Alliance group has been insuring people against hazards for nearly 300 years. Their products include health, motor, travel, pet and household insurance, as well as a wide range of commercial products ranging from small business and property to marine, engineering and liability insurance. According to Richard Schofield, director of strategy marketing and communications, Sun Alliance is currently building on its strength in marine insurance as well as opening new branches in Beijing and possibly Jiangsu. In China, Schofield says they insure everything from “wind farms to aquaculture, power stations to coffee shops,” though the company’s primary focus is on commercial lines and “creating local centres of excellence in areas such as marine and power insurance.” Given the rapid development of Shanghai’s financial and shipping infrastructure, Schofield feels their efforts to build strength in these sectors will be beneficial to the city’s efforts to become a major centre of finance and commerce.

” Winning the Financial & Professional Services Award where some world leading banks are nominated as well, makes us especially proud and it is a testament to the passion RSA’s people have for our business in China. This award recognises RSA’s strong market position, technical expertise and commitment to drive excellence in the Chinese insurance industry.The value of insurance is vital for thriving societies and economies, protecting individuals and businesses against a wide range of risks. At RSA, we’d like to continue bringing security to people and organisations.”

Elton Chang, Chief Executive Officer, China

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