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Winner of the 2010 Innovation Award

Halma China

Halma first established operations in China in 2006. Its three companies rapidly rose in number to 20 as the firm tripled its income within four short years. Innovation has always been the hallmark of the company’s development of electronic, safety, health and environmental technologies, and the director of Halma China, Martin Zhang, says a nod from the BBA is a “milestone” for the company. The company is currently focusing on expanding its presence into regional cities such as Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, while further developing its R&D capacity. “Only with an in-depth understanding of customer needs can a company develop innovative products that can both meet the customer’s demands and be competitive in the market,” says Zhang. And make no doubt about it, staying competitive in China is quite a race. “The pace of technological evolution is increasingly rapidly,” comments Zhang. “Companies need to make changes, and make those changes quicker. [The pace] in turn drives [the level of] innovation to [unprecedented speeds].”

“The 2010 British Business Award (Innovation) means a lot to Halma. First of all, we are especially happy for winning the innovation award, as Halma is known as an international leader for innovation in safety, health and sensor technologies. Winning this award is a recognition for our innovation in true technologies that benefit the world.

Second, 2010 witnessed a great year for us, and this award made it even better. Our business grew very fast in 2010, and our headquarter has decided to expand our operation in China by establishing regional offices in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang, which have now grown into full operational offices and are contributing to our sales.

Third, the award also recognized the achievements of Halma’s subsidiaries operation in China who have introduced over 130 innovative products to the Chinese market since 2006. The key technology we submitted for the competition was Hanovia’s UV water treatment technology, which has treated hundreds of thousands of bottles of mineral water in China and around the globe. We are happy to be recognized in China, the fastest-growing market for Halma. “

Martin Zhang, Director

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