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Winner of the 2010 UK Chinese Alumnus of the Year Award

Alex Chen, CEO/ Vice President, Zeus Holding/ Segway (China)

The creator of a bi-lingual educational school system that has been proven to be successful and will lead the his company to manage over 10 leading A-level centers within China, facilitating over a thousand students studying in the UK each year directly contributing upwards of 100 million GBP annually to the UK economy.

“Having spent more than ten years in the UK and now working within the British Education industry, it is good to be recognised for the effort and achievements that I have made to date,” says Alex Chen. Now working as a director at Yinghao College, Chen is putting his experience, self-described as “fun, unforgettable and fascinating,” to good use. “The school motto states ‘a path between the East and the West,’” says Chen, explaining that his efforts have focused on helping to build that path as well as the vision that it represents. “’When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.’ This is a famous quote from Deng Xiaoping. Drawing upon my experiences in both China and Britain has enabled me to recognise the strength of each world, thus allowing me to contribute to the ‘transformation of China’ via the field of education.”

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