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Winner of the British Company of the Year Award

GKN is a global engineering group whose technologies and products are at the heart of vehicles and aircraft produced by the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.  Over twenty years ago, GKN was the first Western company to invest in the automotive components industry in China. Today, GKN operates from 12 locations and employs over 5,000 people in China. Currently the company is expanding its operations, investing in new facilities in Changchun, Wuhan and Jiangsu province and establishing new partnerships in Aerospace and Land Systems.

To stay the distance in China “requires a clear vision, excellent local leadership, talent pool and strong partners,” according to GKN China’s President, Stefan Magirius. “A fully localised product range and supply chain as well as on the ground engineering capabilities and best business practices will create a platform for long-term success,” he adds. This, together with China’s speed of execution and knowledge of domestic markets, has helped GKN’s businesses in China to become world-class operations.

Q&A from GKN China-winner of The British Company of The Year Award

1. Why did you enter the British Business Awards 2012?

BBA has been and continues to act as testimony to the depth, breadth and success of British business operating in China. By entering the BBA, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to the Chinese market and to be recognized as a successful sustainable business.

2. What were you hoping to get out of it?

  • An opportunity to celebrate our achievements with our employees;
  • Promote GKN as a successful business and supplier of choice;
  • Share the success with our local partners and customers;
  • Demonstrate our commitment to growth in China;
  • Recognition of our contribution to the China-UK relationships.

4. What does winning the British Business Awards 2012 mean to you?

Winning the Award is recognition of GKN’s long-term commitment to serving customers both directly and through strong partnerships. It also acknowledges GKN’s success in developing a sustainable business, its continuous efforts to foster Chinese talents and its dedication to support UK-China relationships.

5. How will it affect, if at all, the way that you do business in China in the future?

The award will inspire us to further excel in our growth strategy in China.

6. No company has ever successfully defended their BBA title. Does it inspire you to be the first?

Yes! We are confident that GKN will become an even stronger business in the future.

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