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We are delighted to announce that the British Business Awards 2020 website goes live today and online applications open.
我们高兴地宣布,2020年度英国商业大奖网站 ( 今天正式启用,线上申请现已开放。

Established in 2008 and now in its twelfth year, the biennial British Business Awards (BBA) recognises and promotes excellence in innovationenterprise, and endeavour, in the British and Chinese business communities. The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai is excited to be hosting BBA 2020 in Shanghai.

Over the past decade, BBA in China has grown to become a prestigious feature of the business calendar. BBA 2020 consists of nine categories which showcase a number of organisations and individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to trade and investment in China. These awards are:



  • • 年度创新奖 (由bp赞助)
  • • 年度可持续发展奖 (由上海休荪企业管理有限公司赞助)
  • • 年度创业者奖 (由上海英国商会赞助)
  • • 年度中国投资者奖
  • • 年度英国出口商奖 (由英中贸易协会赞助)
  • • 年度领导力奖 (由英国曼彻斯特大学中国中心赞助)
  • • 年度最佳雇主奖 (由施乐辉赞助)
  • • 年度最佳服务奖 (由毕马威中国赞助)
  • • 年度英国企业奖 (由斯派莎克赞助)

Key Dates | 重要日期

  • Wednesday, 27 May: Official Website Launch & Online Applications Open | 官网启用,在线申请开放
  • Thursday, 11 June: Official Launch Event | 大奖正式启动
  • Friday, 31 July: Applications Close | 在线申请截止
  • Thursday, 3 September: Finalists Announcement | 各奖项入围者揭晓
  • Thursday, 29 October: Awards Gala Dinner | 颁奖典礼

BBA 2020 is supported by Department for International Trade (DIT), China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), The British Council, Confederation of British Industry (CBI), and British Chambers in Beijing, Guangdong and Southwest.

2020年度英国商业大奖得到英国国际贸易部(DIT), 英中贸易协会(CBBC),英国文化教育协会,英国工商业联合会(CBI)以及中国英国商会,广东英国商会和中国西南英国商会的大力支持。

For more details about each award and its criteria, please click here. To apply for the awards, please click here to register an account first or find your old account back.


If you have any questions, please contact 如有疑问,请电邮

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